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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gorgeous Gardenia Tutorial

Hi Diy World,

Little about this precious flower...

Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania

In China and Japan, Gardenia jasminoides is called zhīzi and kuchinashi, respectively. Its blossom is used as a yellow dye, used on fabric and food (including the Korean mung bean jelly called hwangpomuk). Its fruits are also used in traditional Chinese medicine for their clearing, calming, and cooling properties.
In France, gardenias are the flower traditionally worn by men as boutonnière when in evening dress.
Sigmund Freud remarked to the poet H.D. that gardenias were his favorite flower.


Lets attempt to make some Gardenias...

Please check the instructions below the pictures. These are very easy to make in few steps. I hope you will find this tutorial interesting.

Are you ready?
Lets start...

I have used EK success basic flower punches in Second large, medium and small.
First cut two petals in Large and three in Medium size. We need one dowel or pen or any thick stick to wrinkle the petals.

Take only one flower and spray some water and on the stick squeeze each petal holding both sides, I will have videos soon but will try to explain here.

After squeezing , just twist the tip of each petals so ...
your first flower petal looks like that.

Take the next large flower petal and pinch all petals as shown in picture. Always spray little water before shaping any flower so when it dry it will be hard as it is.

Now we will need three small petals so use the small punch.
Now just need to roll each petal with small boll tool and push the middle to make a cup shape.

Here I got three different shapes, First one is very closed, I have used little glue to hold like this.
Second is semi open and last one is open but not fully.
Here all our 5 layers of flower petals done. Lets assemble them.

Glue all three petals and for last layer of flower we need to twist either side of the each petal. Do not twist the tip of the petal only one side but keep the same side for each petal for twisting.

Here how it will look after done and this is our center of the Gardenia.
Now stick our two large layers and then this middle center.
Here is our Gorgeous Gardenia Ready for the project.
Isn't this look real..:-) well...I hope so..Let me know please in your comments.

I have created couple of semi open buds.

We will need green bottom for our flower..right?
Here is the McGill punch I have used for this.

Need to shape it little bit using boll tool. Just roll from top to middle.
And glue our flower on it.
Done Done Done...
Thanks so much!!
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